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An email signature is one of the best ways to let others know how they can contact you on and offline, and find out about your products and services.

(If you’re not sure what an email signature is, it’s your sign off containing your contact details and is automatically displayed at the end of each email so you don’t need to add it each time).

Yes, by sending an email it means the recipient now has your email address – great. But what about all the other ways to contact you? Phone, website, social networks, blog. And, what about news on your latest workshop, e-book, product or special offer?

Think how many emails you send in a week, how far reaching they can be, and how long they stick around…

This makes an email signature an ESSENTIAL marketing tool for any business owner:

  • It’s a monumental piece of marketing real estate that reaches the people who already like, know and trust you, and are interested in your products or services.
  • It looks professional and creates a great impression.
  • Makes it simple for people to contact and connect with you in all your online places – your details are at their fingertips.
  • Informs others about key promotions you want everyone to know about.
  • Saves you time having to manually add your name and details at the end of emails, or worse forgetting completely!

Think about this for a minute:

How do you feel when someone sends you an email with a professional signature?

(Here’s how I feel about it: not only is it pretty impressive, but I get a sense that they are customer focussed and serious about business.)

Now think about how you feel when you need to call that person but they’ve left no clues in their signature about how to do that – no surname, business name, website address or phone number.

Frustrating, right?

An easy way to create a sh*t hot signature

Depending on what email provider you use it can be a little tricky to set up your signature but there’s a really nifty tool that can help you create one in no time for your online email account, and it’s FREE!

Wisestamp has an amazing variety of features that allows you to customise and add all sorts of goodies to your sign off. Include your logo, social media profiles, Pinterest boards, your latest tweet or blog post. Even your Etsy or Ebay shop!

Make It Happen

  • Download Wisestamp to your internet browser (there’s a free version)
  • Follow the instructions (these will vary depending on your browser but it’s easy)
  • Choose your template and get creative with your signature!
  • Add the email apps and social icons you want to include (Tip: Don’t add everything AND the kitchen sink)


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