Is this the reason your blog posts look boring?

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Boring blog posts

You’ve checked all the boxes for your blog: Great catchy headline Valuable content Subtle mentions of your business Links to your previous work scattered through Clear call to action Done, done and done. But why is it no one seems to “see” your posts? When you post to social media, if you’re hearing crickets this […]


Nail this to get more readers for your blog

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Nail this for more readers

There are some people’s blog you’ll read no matter what (like mine, right?!). You know that you’ll either A) enjoy or B) get value from what they write. Ideally, you’ll get both. How did I get here?! But what about those other articles you read online? Y’know, when you pop on your computer or smart […]


4 things you need in your business blog

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4 things you need in your business blog

The last time I counted there were approximately…… ummmm a LOT of blogs and articles online. It’s where most of us go to find out about, well – everything. There are: hobby blogs professional blogs news blogs half written blogs neglected blogs… They all have a different strategy and objective. Or none at all. Different […]


It’s not what you’ve got it’s what you do with it that counts…

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Not what you've got

I’m certain we’ve all heard phrases similar to “it’s not what you’ve got, it’s what you do with it that counts” and I can tell you, I 100% agree. It’s about content, right? Do less, do it well I was talking to a client recently who wanted to create 3 blogs a week – I […]


Who’s calling the shots in your biz?

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Who's calling the shots?

Did you read my recent blog about being a giver and guaranteeing your clients’ satisfaction? It’s all about going that little bit further to put a smile on your clients’ faces. But what about you and your satisfaction? We begin our start up businesses with such excitement. We want to please, to succeed and to […]


Is your clients’ satisfaction guaranteed?

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Satisfaction guaranteed

When was the last time you were really impressed by a business – big or small – that you bought from? Coming up with a big phat blank? Think on it a little. These days, great customer service is in short supply (which is ACE if you use it as your competitive advantage so keep […]


No “one night stands” here.

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No one night stands

When I mentioned the honeymoon period in my blog recently it struck like cupid’s arrow with so many of you that I wanted to expand on what I meant. When I refer to the honeymoon period in modern marketing, I mean that magical time when you’ve just discovered a person or a brand that “gets” […]


Dare I mention the H word…?

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The H Word

As modern-day entrepreneurs our businesses tend to rule our lives – how many times have you heard “my business is my baby”? Chances are you started your business because it’s what you freakin love doing (if not, what was the reason?!) and because that passion is so strong, our drive to succeed so determined that […]


Don’t forget this key ingredient when you’re blogging

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Missing Blog Ingredient

Ahhh blogging, a favourite subject of mine! I recently wrote about how to make sure your hard work doesn’t get lost in cyberspace so your ideal customers can find you. But when they do find you and love you, you want to make sure they STAY! They may read your blog, they may even sign […]


What you REALLY need to know about SEO

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What you need to know about SEO

Think SEO’s only for nerds? Think again… I’ve written a gazillion times about the importance of blogging for your business. I’ve even been totally, no holds barred honest about how I really feel about it. So, you’ve taken my (rather brilliant) advice, set up a blog, you might even have made yourself an editorial calendar […]