Is Pinterest the Right Social Platform For Your Business?

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is pinterest the right social platform for your business?

I’m not going to lie – I love Pinterest.  If you haven’t heard yet, Pinterest is essentially a virtual or online pinboard. It helps you organise and share pretty things you see on the web. Anyone can see your pinboards, share, comment, ‘like’ an image (as you would on Facebook), or re-pin it to their board (but you [...]


How to read your ideal customers’ minds (using marketing tools you already use)

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How to read your customers' minds

The best way to really understand your customers and prospects is to ASK and LISTEN. It’s the only way to learn their desires, needs, challenges, wants and dreams. That means, you can make a profound connection through your marketing, and provide them with the solutions to their deepest desires and wants through your products and [...]


Say ‘hello’ to quality leads

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say hello to quality leads

Hey, do you want to know about a cool marketing tool that all the top bods are using to promote their stuff? It’s called Hello Bar. A fun, highly visible, yet non annoying toolbar that sits at the top of your website and spans the width of your screen. Inside the bar, you can include your own [...]


Don’t do this! (If you want more customers that LOVE everything you do)

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want more customers

Email newsletters: They have a shady past, a bad rep and are easy to get wrong. Which is why so many small business owners overlook them. Overwhelmed and confused about how to apply them to their business. It’s a tricky subject. In truth, offering something highly valuable to your website visitors in exchange for their [...]


Do you REALLY think what you’re doing online will bring you more sales and profits?

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are you doing it right online preview size

Recently, I was a speaker at Women Unlimited’s Thrive!, one of the UK’s leading women-only business conferences in London. It’s the only conference I make a point of attending each year. I’m always excited by the variety of speakers sharing their real stories, inspiration and expertise. There’s plenty of  laughter, tears, and the energy is electric [...]


Don’t make my mistake! These 4 steps are guaranteed to pro your blogging (especially #3)

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editorial calendar creation 101

You know it: Blogging is good for your business. You also know why you should be blogging and yet you still don’t have a solid plan. I’ve been business blogging for nearly 5 years. It’s one of the first online marketing activities I took to back in 2009 when I started my first business as a Virtual [...]


Social Media Automation Showdown: Buffer Versus Hootsuite

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buffer versus hootsuite square

“Which scheduling tool should I use, Buffer or Hootsuite?” I often get asked this question by my clients and people at my workshops, because these are the two social media tools I simply can not live without. Short answer: They’re both great – just different! I use both. Hootsuite Hootsuite is the complete package. I [...]


Don’t Let Your Offline Marketing Material Collect Dust Bunnies (do this instead)

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dont let your offline material collect dust bunnies

Have you heard of Slideshare? It’s a website where you can upload slide presentations to share around the web. For FREE! I’ve heard it called the ‘YouTube of Powerpoint’. Yep, even slide presentations have a space on the web created just for them. What’s really cool about Slideshare is that it’s not just for slide [...]


Your Secret Weapon Against ‘Don’t Know What To Post’ Syndrome

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Your Secret Weapon Against 'Don't Know What To Post' Syndrome

When I’m speaking to clients or hosting training workshops and we get to the big question about content strategy, the same hurdles come up every time… “I don’t know what to write about!” “What should I tweet – I don’t want it to be about my business all the time?” “I don’t know what to [...]


I’ve Got a Crush on YOU! My Top Business Crushes

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business crushes

Confession time: I have a few love interests – crushes. Lots in fact. I visit my crushes quite often, sometimes more than once a day! As an online business owner, I am constantly meeting new people, learning new skills from heart-centered business brains, and seeing mucho talent and inspiration right before me, mostly via my [...]