Breaking Bad Habits: We did with iDoneThis

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I done this

Going from working solo to hiring your first team member is a big day in your entrepreneurial life. It feels like a big leap. Suddenly, you’re responsible for someone else in your biz. And, all your worky quirks are visible for someone else to see. Of course, the benefits outweigh the negatives: it pushes you […]


4 ways to say YES YES YES to your biz

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Say YES to your biz

I was chatting with a dear friend recently who runs her own biz here in Ibiza. She’s smart, creative, has plenty of ideas, full of entrepreneurial spirit, and dreams of being hugely successful. My pal’s been working her tail off. It’s the summer season here and as Ibiza’s main commodity is tourism the islanders go […]


The little word that makes a big impact in your biz

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Just say no

One of the most important words you can learn in business is a small one. It’s one that you already know. But, it sometimes gets a bad rep. And, I bet you aren’t using enough. It’s a powerful little sucker when you learn to use it, I have and it’s given me the business and […]


Why ‘open all hours’ is killing your biz

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Open all hours is killing your business

Starting your own business was supposed to give you more freedom, more time to enjoy the things you love OUTSIDE work – family, friends, *whispers* time for yourself. Yet somehow it feels like you’re on call more often than an ER doctor on a Saturday night. You end up feeling guilty for saying no, worried […]


5 tips to stop dreading your biz photo-shoot right now!

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5 tips for your biz photoshoot

Who enjoys having their photos taken? Not me! Especially when it’s for something as important as my website. Ugh! That’s why I pulled together some of my best tips for making your photoshoot super hot. And, it’s not just so that you look shiny and fabulous, it’s so much more than that. Your brand is […]


My first time (and why you should pop your Periscope cherry too)

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My first Periscope

I did something for the first time last week. I was really nervous beforehand. I was worried I’d make a fool of myself, that I’d say or do the wrong thing, that all my vulnerabilities and flaws would be up for scrutiny. I put it off until the last minute. Then dived in. When I […]


Manage interruptions like a fairy on bitchy dust

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bitchy dust

Why is it some people JUST DON’T GET IT? Your significant other, mum, dad, neighbour, aunty Mary (everyone has one of those). Love them madly, but they just can’t get their pretty heads round what it is that you do. It sometimes feels like they just don’t believe that you actually work. There’s an idea […]


5 Tools for successful remote working

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Remote working tools

You know when you start out in business and you get those first clients and prospect customers? You remember every detail, every phone call, where every piece of material they may ever need is. Like when you first started creating all the copy, terms and everything else you needed – it all went in “documents” […]


The Ultimate Business Blogging Guide

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Ultimate business blogging guide

Have you ever asked a question online and got EXACTLY the help you were looking for or an answer that’s saved you hours of Googling? I bet you were eternally grateful to that person (well, you should have been). When you can provide that for your ideal clients they are going to LOVE you for […]


I do this every week with my team, and MAN… it feels good!

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Team meetings

It’s a defining moment in your entrepreneurial life when you expand from just you and the cat to your first “team”. Most of us had a j.o.b. before we started on this different, sometimes unpredictable, brilliant path and the differences can feel HUGE. When you go solo you really are a one (wo)man band. No […]