10 healthier business choices that lead to growth and prosperity

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healthier business choices

When building a business you are faced with a billion decisions to make and conflicting advice everyday. Having variety and the freedom to choose is a fabulous position to be in, but with so many options it can result in poor choices that don’t serve you or your business growth. Often the choices we make [...]


How to keep your business growing when life smacks you round the chops

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how to keep your business growing when life smacks you round the chops

Life sucks sometimes. Grief, illness, heartbreak, burnout – none of us are immune from the blows that life deals us. And, when you are your business, they compound the stress and worry because everything stops with you. The success or failure of your business is in your hands. So how do you survive the upheaval [...]


Build Your Empire on Twitter in Just 10 Minutes A Day

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build you twitter empire

Would you believe me if I told you it only takes 10 minutes of daily Twitter action to get awesome results for your business? It’s true. That’s all it takes. It’s a practice I’ve followed for several years now. To be honest, I had no choice. As my business grew (largely thanks to Twitter) I [...]


Improve Your Social Media Presence in 7 Easy Steps

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social media presence

Do you ever think, ‘Why do I even bother with social media?’ Well, erase that thought right now because social media is the ultimate way to market your business…for free. It can quickly propel you and your business to new heights, grab the attention of infinitely more people interested in your product or service (whether [...]


Is Measuring Your Social Media Success a Big, Fat Time Suck?

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social media time suck

If you spend enough time online using social media to market your business, researching ways to market your business and absorbing advice in forums that help you market your business, chances are you’ve read plenty about the importance of measuring your social media success. You may even have a list of tools to help you [...]


The Beginners Guide To Market on Social Media In A Genuine Way

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beginners guide to market on social media

You’ve probably heard that it’s not very effective to hard sell on social media. Constantly pitching your own products and services will get you nowhere. So, the only thing hard selling will get you is unfollowed, blocked or labelled a spammer. Ouch! That’s all true – but we’re not using our social media networks just for [...]


Top 4 Twitter Fails (& how to fix them!)

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Are there things you’re doing on Twitter that have a negative effect on your efforts?  There are certain habits and time-saving behaviours that could actually be stopping Twitter working for you as a business generating superpower (read on here for how Twitter can be a massive game changer for your business). And, if you’re not [...]


8 Tips to Boost Your Twitter Brilliance

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what should i tweet image 300 × 300

“What can I tweet to benefit my business?” If every time I was asked this question and someone brought me a cup of tea and a slice of cake, I’d be one happy lady. This is the question I’m asked most of all. Seems that when it comes to Twitter, everything we learn about talking [...]


5 Things to Consider Before Dipping Into Yet Another Social Media Network

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which social media network should i choose green 425 × 425

The temptation to sign up for every new social media platform can be overwhelming. As small business owners we’ve got entrepreneurial spirit in spades and chasing new shiny objects is our biggest downfall. What’s more, we are constantly blasted with facts, figures and recommendations about how ‘this’ social network is better than ‘that’, and how [...]


6 Free Content Marketing Tools That You Need to Leverage Now

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6 free content marketing tools

As small business owners, we’re always looking for ways to make our lives easier and more efficient so we can squeeze an extra hour or two into our working day. We’re also shrewd bootstrappers, always on the hunt for a bargain and you can’t get much better than FREE! There are some tools I use [...]