Don’t forget this key ingredient when you’re blogging

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Ahhh blogging, a favourite subject of mine! I recently wrote about how to make sure your hard work doesn’t get lost in cyberspace so your ideal customers can find you. But when they do find you and love you, you want to make sure they STAY! They may read your blog, they may even sign [...]


What you REALLY need to know about SEO

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What you need to know about SEO

Think SEO’s only for nerds? Think again… I’ve written a gazillion times about the importance of blogging for your business. I’ve even been totally, no holds barred honest about how I really feel about it. So, you’ve taken my (rather brilliant) advice, set up a blog, you might even have made yourself an editorial calendar [...]


How YOU are you being in your business?

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How you are you being?

Let’s talk about being you, f-bombs and the like. Sticking your neck out and being you in business takes balls. You gotta own it, and be ok with the outcome. Sometimes, you have to be prepared to be judged by others, deal with criticism on a massive scale and yet not take it personally. Especially [...]


Do you want MASSIVE launch success? Don’t forget this (+ lots of gin)

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hasta luego launch

It’s exciting, right? You have a fab new product idea that will take the world by storm A sparkly new website that took months of toil and hair pulling (and loadsa money) You’re about to start up a new business – the day you’ve dreamed of for years is finally here The book you’ve longed [...]


I know what you’re doing, and it’s bad for you…

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I know what you're doing

Everyone does it. Sneak a peek at what competitors are doing… (what did you think I was talking about?) So you end up… Trying to guess how they pulled off their latest promotion or launch. Using their pricing and services as a benchmark for yours. (Which creates an unbreakable glass ceiling in your industry). Wondering [...]


Do this to successfully hand over ANY project

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Successful hand over

I’ve written before about the totally unsexy but totally ass-saving SOPs document and why you need them in your business. In it I mentioned handing over a project to my new assistant. Scary right? (Did I mentioned that my assistant, Tara, lives in a different country and we’ve never actually met?) There was a collective [...]


How this totally unsexy document could save your ass…

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Standard operating procedures

Standard Operating Procedures – just doesn’t sound sexy does it? George Clooney could whisper it in your ear – still nothing! But I DON’T CARE it might just be the thing that saves your ass. For those of you who don’t know, these are the incredibly useful, if not sexy, documents that list how a [...]


Appointment scheduling: A time wasting headache you need to stop right now

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I’m a big fan of anything which streamlines processes and saves time (read more here about how I work a 30 hour week) Plus, when I find something worth shouting about, I do it! Helping other small business owners utilise the amazing WWW so that they can grow their business and spend more time doing [...]


How to easily find customers on social media

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How to find customers

You’ve narrowed down your ideal client or group of people you would love to work with. You’ve figured out where they are online. The next step is showing them how you can work with them and why they should choose you! Yes, regularly sharing updates on your social media profiles or in your chosen online [...]


Insider secret! The system I wish I’d had when I started business blogging

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Blog system

There’s one system I wish I’d set up when I started blogging over 5 years ago. In that time I’ve written more than 200 articles about using social media, modern marketing techniques and email marketing to produce healthy growth and profits for small businesses and solo workers. Plus, I’ve written about systems, processes and mindset [...]