Psst…Do You Know What’s Being Said About You Online?

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If I told you that there’s a simple way to keep bang up to date with what people are saying about you, what’s important to you and sift out the info you really want to know – for free, would you believe me?

I hope so, because it’s true!

That tool is Google Alerts. It monitors words chosen by you and sends you the latest stories in as-it-happens, daily or weekly reports by email keeping you instantly up to date.

Some no-brainer ideas of how it can help you:


  • Keep track of the latest news in your industry
  • Monitor what people are saying about you, your business and key people within it
  • Know when your product name or service is mentioned
  • Listen to mentions about your clients
  • Check who’s mentioning your website or linking to your blog
  • Keep an eye on your competitors (yep, sneaky)

How to set up Google Alerts and get informed



    • Make a list of names and words that you want to monitor. Include your company, full name, website (don’t include http://www.), and any industry terms of interest


    • If your search term includes more than one word you’ll want to put it in quotes so it searches your exact phrase, like this: “Alicia Cowan”


    • To remove unrelated searches that have the same name add a minus ‘-‘ to your search. For instance, if I was conducting a search on Richard Branson but not THE Richard Brandson, my search would look like this: “Richard Branson – Virgin”


  • Then, add them to your Google Alerts account and prepare to be enlightened!



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