Free Masterclass: Turn Facebook ‘Likes’ into Quality Leads

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Do you want to join me for an online masterclass that will transform the way you use your Facebook business page?

Alicia Cowan Facebook Masterclass

*This masterclass has taken place. Grab the recording using the registration link below*

Here’s the thing…

When I’m hopping around on Facebook I see plenty of business pages that could do with a little…um…extra help.

Within a few short moments I can tell if a page is buzzing with activity and more importantly if that activity will translate into real life paying customers.

A thriving page is one thing but it’s not necessarily going to draw in a queue of clients willing to work with you. (Afterall, isn’t that why we use Facebook for our business?)

A lonely page with just a few cobwebs for company will do even less – or worse it can actually harm your brand!

Harsh I know, but if you want your page to have the best chance of paying for itself (and a whole lot more) then you’ll want to pop along to this session.

During the masterclass I’ll be explaining…

  • My 3 part formula for turning page ‘Likes’ into quality leads
  • My personal take on using images that engage, delight and grab attention (trust me, it doesn’t have to be complicated)
  • The little-known timeline features that bring you better results
  • And the ‘Likes to Leads’ superpower that you absolutely must include on your page if you want to find real customers

Plus, you’ll get an interactive worksheet to use during the masterclass to make sure you action the most important points.

Enter your details below to grab your seat:


When I held this webinar last year it was a BIG success – here are a few comments I received on Twitter afterwards…

FB Webinar blew me away. Cleared away the clutter and showed me the way! I am a believer

Great insight and tips on how to use Facebook … thank you

Enjoyed a fantastic webinar last night on Facebook #likes2leads. Thanks as usual Alicia!

I’ve completely updated the material with the very latest thinking and I’ll be asking you to take immediate action during the session. My objective is for you to get the most from your time – so bring a pen and your favourite drink!

I will not be presenting this material again so if you want to learn some juicy Facebook secrets, enter your details below…


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