TopRank’s top UK influencers + bloggers list. 4 reasons I’m on it (that you can apply too)

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TopRank 2013 Top UK online marketing influencers and bloggersWoo-hoo! I’ve been named as a one of 50 Top UK Online Marketing Influencers & Bloggers in 2013 by TopRank, a highly influential blog on social, search and content marketing.

What makes this list so special is, rather than ranking blog sites (where there may be several blog contributors) TopRank researched individual bloggers. They recognize that it’s not just the content we produce but the act of sharing useful content on social media and around the internet.

Afterall, that’s what makes the www. go ‘round. :)

The list was pulled together via nominations and using Traackr (a tool that identifies influencers online) to measure the reach and relevance of their content.

To make the list, a blogger needed to write consistently about online marketing and have an engaged audience.

So said Lee Odden of TopRank…

How did I get on that list? Here are 4 reasons why I think I made it that will serve you well in your own blog marketing…

1. I approach it like a client meeting

I update my blog every.single.week (on Friday). It’s a non-negotiable activity in my business. My folks all around the internet have come to rely on my commitment and I’m happy to oblige.

Yes, it’s that important!

Because I’m connecting with potential clients, customers and super fans who will help spread the knowledge and advice that I share. And that’s amazing!

2. Fresh baked content with preservatives

New content on my site brings me a steady stream of people – returning visitors and new – to check out what I have to say. (Think about it, if you have nothing new on your site why would anyone visit it?) But that’s just part of my strategy…

Many of my articles are ‘evergreen’ by that I mean they are not date specific and never become stale.

If what I write is as relevant a year after it was first published it helps more people and gets shared more often. This amplifies me and my brand while introducing me to even more potential customers and raving fans without any additional work from me. Which means FAR more return for my original time investment. Win-win.

3. I write for people like you + me

What I write is simplistic for good reason: I’m not in the business of impressing other internet marketers.

I get a whole lot more satisfaction assisting those who need it: small business owners and solo entrepreneurs who don’t talk ROI, ‘share of voice’ and SEO. They just want to know the tactics for finding more business using social media and some smart tricks to make that easier.

So, I keep to that reliable marketing acronym: K.I.S.S. (Keep it simple, superstar!)

4. I understand the invisible stuff

By that I mean the bits and pieces that help me get found in search (also known as SEO) and the subliminal benefits of what’s on the page. Let me explain…

Writing the article itself is just part of the process. Once that’s done, you have to work on these vital areas before your blog is finished:

  • The headline: it’s either got to grab attention like your favourite gossip mag or include terms that people search for in Google. Without the click your post won’t get the read.
  • Formatting: reading online is different. People are busy. Skim reading is prolific so your content needs to be skimable. Massive blocks of text is the death knell for your blog.
  • Images: take 3 of the 4 big social networks: Facebook, Pinterest and Google+. They all display a thumbnail of the image you use in your post when you share it. THAT makes it stand out.
  • Tags: this is the SEO bit and I’m not going to go into detail here. Just know that tags, keywords, meta data, categories, image tags are all important additions to your blog (and it’s MUCH easier than you think).
  • Tell people: share it. A lot. And ask others to share it, and give them the tools on your blog to make that really easy for them.

The best thing for me

Blogging keeps me on point. It stretches me to stay ahead with current trends and thinking. That means I’m better informed and that means I can serve my clients with the best advice possible.

blogging comes easy quoteWhat’s more, I LOVE what I do: connecting with others and teaching them how to connect with their folks too. I’m a walking, talking demonstration that it doesn’t have to be hard (and I think it shows).

So, if you love what you do, it should come easy. Seriously, technology doesn’t have to stand in your way.

You can see the full list right here: TopRanks Top 50 UK Online Marketing Bloggers

What about you?

Do you agree with these points? What makes you a better blogger? Leave a comment below or if this has been useful please share with your social media friends. Thanks!

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  • 25 January 2013 by Kat

    You absolutely deserve this. Thank you for sharing your tips! I’ve just committed myself to being consistent with my blog from now on as well. Speaking of client appointment…

    • 25 January 2013 by Alicia

      Thanks so much, Kat. That is FAB news!

  • 25 January 2013 by Lewis

    Congratulations! This is really inspiring, and thanks for sharing your tips with us! Have also read a few of your guest posts on LKR too, which is awesome to see your impact growing.
    Here’s to Keeping It Simple like a Superstar…

    • 25 January 2013 by Alicia

      Thanks Lewis – you got it: K.I.S.S!

  • 25 January 2013 by Nikki

    Fabulous news Alicia and well deserved too! Always enjoying ‘’ – top tips in bize sized chunks!

    • 25 January 2013 by Alicia

      So pleased to hear that – thanks Nikki :)

  • 25 January 2013 by AMANDA JOHNSON

    Alicia, Well done. In the short time, I have been following you. I have learnt so much and as you know, I tell everyone to follow you. I love the style of your newsletters and the how long it will take me to read etc.

    Thank you also for sharing your tips above on how you do your blog.


    • 25 January 2013 by Alicia

      Thanks so much, Amanda!

  • 25 January 2013 by Katya Barry

    Alicia is a super star! Well done girl, so chuffed for you! I particularly like the second point you make about freshly backed content with preservatives, very smart indeed. Wishing you all the best of success in 2013 and beyond!

    • 27 January 2013 by Alicia

      Aww thanks Katya – likewise!

  • 26 January 2013 by Aradia

    Great article and definitely on point! I know I struggle with some of these points because I keep myself busier than I ought. But being consistent and offering value – which are the nitty gritty of what your post is saying – are such important points that they can’t be stressed enough! I think it’s an important skill to be able to apply what you’ve said to your industry too which I think can be difficult when you have to think outside the box and may have trouble doing that. But that’s part of how you get found, by *not* being like everyone else all the time. :)

    • 27 January 2013 by Alicia

      Thanks for your comments Aradia. It does take discipline, no doubt. For out of the box thinking, I often turn to other industries for inspiration. I recommend it!

  • 26 January 2013 by Miriam

    Congratulations! Just beginning to tinker with social media but find your emails accessible and generous so glad you’ve got some recognition

    • 27 January 2013 by Alicia

      Thanks so much for stopping by, Miriam. I hope my resources continue to help you as you tinker!

  • 26 January 2013 by Alyson Reay

    Well done, Alicia, this is well deserved recognition. I love the way that your techie stuff is accessible for non-techies. I try to write that way about business matters. None of this has to be ‘secret stuff’ for experts only!

    • 27 January 2013 by Alicia

      You’re spot on, Alyson. Making it complicated or out of reach doesn’t serve anybody including ourselves. Thanks for the compliment.

  • 26 January 2013 by Sarah Kent

    Congratulations Alicia, I really like your straightforward approach, its clear and easy to follow. Thanks for the heads-up on the Seth Godin talk in London to, it was amazing and I would have missed it if you’d not posted about it.

    • 27 January 2013 by Alicia

      Hi Sarah – thanks so much! Really pleased you came along to see Seth Godin too. :)

  • 28 January 2013 by Leda Sammarco

    Well done, Alicia. Very much deserved. You really know your stuff and you are very passionate about it – a winning combination.

  • 28 January 2013 by anna nicholas

    Top marks, Alicia. Well deserved. Always helpful and insightful blogs – free of mind boggling jargon and clichés!

  • 29 January 2013 by Miranda Lobel

    Finally in a few words how to bring structure in my blogging attemps. Thanks for this and your other helpfull tips over time. And of of course: Congratulations!

    • 30 January 2013 by Alicia

      Thanks Miranda, so glad to hear that!

  • 29 January 2013 by Jessica

    Alicia, that’s why you caught me early on and reeled me in with your first twitter brilliance course. Your Friday blogs took me from thinking to doing. Keep on with your KISS – ing… It works. And congratulations. Warmly Jessica

    • 30 January 2013 by Alicia

      And I’m very glad I did (catch you early on, that is) – thanks for all of your support!

  • 30 January 2013 by Louise Bowers

    Congratulations Alicia, well deserved. As you say your posts always tell it straight without the marketeers jargon and have useful actionable steps, thank you. Louise

  • 11 February 2013 by Penelope

    Congrats to you, Alicia! I enjoy reading what you write, and that’s what it is all about! I enjoy scooping and writing and that keeps my blog chug chug chugging along. ;)

  • 18 February 2014 by Peter Zmijewski - CEO at KeywordSpy

    I always like to read a quality content having accurate information regarding the online marketing and the same thing I found in this post. Nice work.

    • 18 February 2014 by Alicia

      Thanks Peter! :)

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